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Portugal Weather

Weather in Portugal

Weather In Portugal: Lisbon, Porto, Algarve

Weather in Portugal.

The main tourist season in Portugal is from around June to September, though visitors arrive throughout the year in search of winter sun and mild temperatures.

The Algarve is almost guaranteed year-round sunshine and temperatures can be above 35 degrees in August. In general, the Atlantic Ocean helps to temper the heat in summer and the north of Portugal is milder and wetter (even than parts of the UK).

The weather in Portugal in June and July is perfect for relaxing on the beach, a round of golf and general sightseeing. Conditions are hot with temperatures above 26 degrees Centigrade in most parts of the country.

Average maximum temperatures in Lisbon are 26 and 27 degrees Centigrade in June and July, 25 degrees Centigrade in Porto and 28 degrees Centigrade in the Algarve, though daytime temperatures usually rise to above 30 degrees Centigrade.

Rainfall is usually at a minimum except for the occasional shower in the north. As a whole the country enjoys cooling breezes from the Atlantic.

Portugal, especially the southern part of the country has been experiencing droughts and related forest fires in recent years during the hot and dry summer months. Temperatures are forecasted to rise over the coming years in the hot summer months, so please take sensible precautions when venturing outside in the hot summer sun.

Lisbon Weather - June and July

Look forward to near perfect weather in the Lisbon area with little chance of rain and cool evening breezes, though the Atlantic resorts may still be a little cool for swimming. Average rainfall in July is a mere 3mm.

Weather Lisbon

Porto Weather

There's the possibility of some light rain even in the summer months of June and July with average rainfall in July in the region of 20mm.

Weather Porto

Algarve Weather

No need for an umbrella as the south basks in unremitting sunshine and the sea feels considerably warmer.
No more than an average of 1mm of rain in July.

Weather Faro

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