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Famous Portuguese People

Portuguese Culture: Famous Portuguese People

Famous Portuguese People

Find information on famous Portuguese people.

Read introductions to the lives of well-known Portuguese men and women in the fields of art, literature, politics, science and sport as well as historical figures including kings and queens of Portugal and the great explorers.

We have information on Eusebio, Luis Figo, Henry the Navigator, Mariza, Jose Saramago, Jose Mourinho, the Marquis of Pombal, Cristiano Ronaldo, Francisco and Diogo Arruda, Joaquim Machado de Castro, Antonio Salazar and Vasco da Gama.

Henry the Navigator - famous Portuguese adventurer. Jose Mourinho - famous Portuguese soccer coach. Marquis of Pombal. Antonio Salazar.
Henry the Navigator Jose Mourinho Marquis of Pombal Antonio Salazar
Vasco da Gama. Cristiano Ronaldo. Mariza Eusebio.
Vasco da Gama Cristiano Ronaldo Mariza Eusebio
Luis Figo. Diogo Arruda. Luis de Camoes. Jose Saramago.
Luis Figo Arruda Brothers Luís de Camões Jose Saramago
Bocage. Bartolomeu Dias. Paula Rego. Magellan.
Manuel Bocage Bartolomeu Dias Paula Rego Ferdinand Magellan
Fernando Pessoa. Gil Vicente. Amalia Rodrigues. Pero de Covilha.
Fernando Pessoa Gil Vicente Amalia Rodrigues Pero de Covilha
Fernao Mendes Pinto. Gil Eanes. Machado de Castro. Salgueiro Maia.
Fernão Mendes Pinto Gil Eanes Machado de Castro Salgueiro Maia
Pedro Alvares Cabral. Serpa Pinto.    
Pedro Álvares Cabral Serpa Pinto    


Bartolomeu Dias, Henry the Navigator, Vasco da Gama, Ferdinand Magellan, Pero de Covilha, Fernão Mendes Pinto, Gil Eanes, Pedro Álvares Cabral, Alexandre de Serpa Pinto

Sportsmen and Women

Eusebio, Luis Figo, Cristiano Ronaldo, Jose Mourinho

Literary Figures

Manuel Bocage, Luis de Camoes, Fernando Pessoa, Jose Saramago, Gil Vicente

Famous Portuguese Women

Mariza, Paula Rego, Amalia Rodrigues


Marquis of Pombal, Antonio Salazar


Joaquim Machado de Castro

Check back to find updates on more famous Portuguese people.

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