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Portuguese Phrasebook

by Robert Landon

(Lonely Planet Phrasebooks)

ISBN: 1741047404

With brief language and vocabulary sections devoted to most situations the casual Portugal traveller might encounter, the LP Portuguese Phrasebook is a handy edition to your luggage. There are set phrases for travellers of all descriptions: campers, clubbers, cyclists, the disabled, drinkers, gays, internet surfers, job-seekers, shoppers even vegetarians. There is also a football section of use to visitors who take in a bit of football with their holidays, they can pick up such gems as 'O árbitro estava comprado' ('The ref was bought') and less usefully 'Vamos sazer a onda' ('Let's do the Mexican wave').

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Portuguese Dictionary Phrasebook

by Lexus with Norma de Oliviera Tait

(Rough Guides Phrasebooks)

ISBN: 1848367430

Rough Guide's neatly designed and easily portable Dictionary Phrasebook opens which some very useful introductory grammar sections and then splits into the main English-Portuguese and the shorter Portuguese-English dictionary.
The English-Portuguese section features brief situational dialogues such as 'getting on a train' and 'having a film developed' as well as feature boxes with useful tourist and cultural information connected with particular words and phrases, which will be familiar to Rough Guide readers. The imitated pronounciation guide is well done and certainly helps, for this reviewer at least, with Portuguese's devilish pronounciation.

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BBC Portuguese Phrase Book and Dictionary

by Philippa Goodrich


ISBN: 0563519231

This book is excellent for holidaymakers, new expats and English language teachers on short-term contracts to get quickly to grips with the basic language functions and grammar. Pocket-sized, there are colour-coded sections on all the essentials of living and vacationing in Portugal: accommodation, eating out, health, sightseeing, shopping and getting around. There's a useful translation guide to the new vocabulary as well as basic grammar and a 65-page dictionary section (English-Portuguese and Portuguese-English) at the back.

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